Shadows of Lylat Part III: Revenge

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Shadows of Lylat Part III: Revenge

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:57 am

Damn the Aparoids! They have done nothing but turned the Iconians against our Innocent people! After almost destroying the Cornerian Embassy and almost taking Earth, this is bad. With General Pepper horribly wounded we have no other choice. We must prepare our final strike!

Beltino has finished developing a weapon to kill the Aparoid queen and stop the Iconian involvement. We are devoting every last resource into preparing this final assault. The queen almost wiped our people out to near extinction over 400 years ago, and were not going to let her finish the job.

We have mobilized what's left of the Cornerian Defense Fleet, as well as a few other allies. We plan to strike to Sphere and destroy the Aparoid Queen's lair. The Iconians have been brainwashed by her foolish speeches about how we will be their extinction, when really it was the Aparoids who started this. Sadly we made contact with the Iconians, they said some will continue to follow the queen while others disagree with her. Regardless, it looks like were going to be fighting quite the fleet at the sphere to get to her lair. It won't be easy...

Their Aparoid homeworld is in the sphere, we attacked it 400 years ago and almost succeeded but failed in the end. Which is why we had ourselves frozen till today. Now we have no choice, we either attack their homeworld and destroy the Aparoids once and for all, or die trying.

The Star Fox team has worked hard with UGDC to bring balance to the Quadrant and the Cornerian government. But sadly until the Aparoids are stopped that won't happen. Great Fox will lead the assault on the enemy defense fleet. Peppy says he's afraid we will not succeed in this mission. But we have to try, they killed our people for too long, they will pay for what they have done! Even if it means, we die trying.

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