Audio Dramas!

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Audio Dramas!

Post by ThunderJ16 on Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:29 am

Okay so many of you know that I'm a big fan of Audio Dramas, otherwise known as 'movies in your mind' or whatever you want to call them. I just want to list what I consider some of my favorites. If you decide to listen to them, I recommend a good set of headphones.

With the exception of The Section 31 Files, all of these Audio Dramas remain ongoing as of this posting. And ALL of these are free to download, so have at it!

Edict Zero - FIS
This is my personal favorite. It's entirely original but has elements of movies/shows like The Matrix, The X-Files, Fringe, and Twin Peaks with a dash of Sherlock Holmes/mystery solving. Even pays homage to HP Lovecraft and video gaming. Pretty much every principle character (hero and villain) is memorable and well-written. The sound design is the best I've ever heard in any Audio Drama, and you can really "see" this world and the interactions of its characters in your head.

Star Trek: Outpost
This is possibly the best Star Trek Audio Drama ever. There are several of them floating around the net, but this one has the greatest production values as well as a stellar cast, writing, and character development. Plus you get to see an Oberth-Class kick ass, which is rare any day. I believe it takes place during the early TNG era.

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files
This Star Trek Audio Drama is a bit darker than the previous one but is also more like fan-fiction, with plenty of time travel, mysterious beings, and crossovers with things like Doctor Who and Star Wars. They are, after all, Section 31, tasked to do the dirty work of the Federation. Its successor show, The Lost Frontier, is also pretty good but is more of a standard show in comparison.

The Byron Chronicles
First set of episodes -
Latest set of episodes -
This is a dark fantasy audio drama that challenges the presumed notions of fantasy in the real world. We follow the adventures of The Pale Man, a mysterious figure who reminds me of a less eccentric but still humorous Doctor Who with limited but still superhuman powers. He also travels with companions. Very good for the clever and different ideas thought up by the creator such as how fantasy creatures REALLY operate, the origins of Christmas, Christian beliefs, etc.

The Leviathan Chronicles
No relation to The Byron Chronicles, though there was a crossover episode where two characters met each other, meaning both are supposed to take place in the same universe. This one is about an ordinary woman who discovers she's part of a dangerous game involving the protection of an underwater utopia full of immortal humans. Compared to the other ones listed about, this one relies more on a Narrator who interjects during scenes to describe what is going on.

Wolf 359
This is a relatively new addition to my favorites and has no relation to THE Wolf 359 event in Star Trek, though I'm sure naming it this did provide them with a lot of click-bait. It's a 'dramedy' (drama and comedy) about the life of 4 sentient beings onboard a space station/ship orbiting the Wolf 359 red dwarf star and their hijinks to survive a couple of years in space studying the star and any signals they come across. Surprisingly, reminds me of Futurama: we have a lovable idiot who quotes pop culture references, a kickass GI Jane commander, a mad scientist, and a glitchy AI computer. Unlike the other shows, this one is presented like a series of audio logs, mostly by the lovable idiot. The cast and scope is much smaller than any of the others on this list, but it's still a fun listen and despite the comedy can actually get quite serious.

If any of you are interested in more, I can list a few more bounce

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