Lost in The Dark Pt.2

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Lost in The Dark Pt.2

Post by Kyle Reddington on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:31 pm

They say the human body can only take so much punishment before it finally shuts down; that the amount of pain becomes to much to bear. It's not the body however that she was concerned about breaking, but the mind. For two days now, Ariana had used her knowledge and skills to break the mind of Dr. Tolian Sevren, the man she once trusted and loved like a grandfather. Who took her under his wing and trained her. The truth of his intentions and motives hit her like an atom bomb; nearly destroying her. Unknown even to her closest family, she had been recruited into Starfleet Intelligence at a point during the five years she was away from home. As much as it made her sick to her stomach, she learned to compartmentalize those feelings into the back of her mind and did whatever she had to in order to get the truth.

One of the other benefits of working in S.I. was having access to certain black sites, places unknown even to the highest echelons of Starfleet, for the sole purpose of interrogation or making people disappear. She had to call in a lot of favors to move her prisoner to this one and make sure they were not disturbed. Two days of hearing his screams, begging for it to end. Two days and still no answers. "I want to know who you are working for!!!" She demanded as she jammed the hypo spray to his neck and pressed the button, releasing the concoction of chemicals into his blood stream. His body writhed and jolted; tears pouring from his eyes but no longer having the strength to scream. It only lasted for a few moments before he finally opened his eyes.."I have..*cough* cough*..no idea what your talking about." He replied, barely able to breath. He knew she had learned the truth or at least enough to drive her to this point and while only delaying the inevitable, he could not tell her everything. Ariana gave him an icy glare as she laid the hypo back on the tray beside the chair he was bound to. The metal cuffs had been replaced by a security force field and his clothes soaked with sweat from the constant torture. She was intentionally pushing him to the point of death, but not granting him his wish.

"I know you have been working for someone Sevren. Someone you have been sending samples of my DNA to for years. I want to know who and why or do you think I am doing this for the fun of it?" He was strong willed, no doubt of that she thought. One thing she had learned though, is that even the strongest mind eventually can crack, its just finding the right trigger. "I can't tell you what you want to know Kirana. For both our sakes. You want to think I am a monster, then go ahead. If that makes it easier for you to do this." He expected her to yell or scream or slap him across the face. She was not going to play his game. "Oh no, Doctor. I don't think your monster. Your worse than a monster. You are a soul less coward. A thief and a liar. All you wanted was me close enough so you could use me and steal from me. The reason I won't kill you is because death is to good for you and it is what you want." She spoke in the most calm, remorseless tone; no sign of emotion on her face. She opened a pouch on her belt, removing a small vial with a bluish liquid inside and showed it to him. "What is in that? Another one of your concoctions to try and break me?" He said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. That was when she replied with a slight smile on her face.."Oh no, Doctor. This is much worse. Something I was hoping I would not have to resort to."

She opened one of hypo's on the table and inserted the vial into it, walking over to his side with the loaded hypo in hand. "You see. On one of the worlds I visited, there is a rare plant. So rare in fact, its only ever been seen on one other world. That other world was destroyed a few decades ago, so it might as well be endangered. It secretes a resin, that if it gets into your blood stream, can be exceedingly painful." The only world that could come to his mind that she was referring to had been Romulus, but he didn't know of the plant she was referring. For all, she could be trying to bluff him. "If you think your going to.." She touched the hypo to his skin and hit the injector button. A split second later, his entire body felt like it was on fire, as if someone had dropped him into molten lava. He was in so much pain, that even the urge to scream could not be mustered. His skin began to turn red and eyes becoming blood shot. After a few seconds, she injected him with highest possible dose of pain killer to give without sending him into cardiac arrest. It was enough to only make the pain bearable, but still leave him feeling like he was burning. "Now. Are you ready to answer my questions or should I leave you like this longer? I injected you with the highest dose of pain suppressant possible, but given the dose of poison in your system, I would give it twenty seconds before you feel the full affect."

Sevren could barely open his eyes as he knew she would continue to do this as much as possible before he either cracked or died. He finally came to realize he would die either by her or the person he worked for. His mind counted down to three when he finally shook his head and she injected him with the serum to counter the poison in his veins. "He will kill us both." He said. Kirana wasn't sure if he was baiting her or being truthful, but it was a start.

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