Lost in The Dark Pt.1

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Lost in The Dark Pt.1

Post by Kyle Reddington on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:11 pm

Research station ATLAS. For years, many had speculated of its existence and rumors abound of the research being conducted there. Some said Starfleet was pushing the boundaries of science and technology, creating new types of weapons and propulsion systems. Others heard of more dark and nightmarish forms of research, involving ancient alien technology and Borg technology. Other rumors suggested it was not a Starfleet research station, but a black ops site. Anyone who was sent there was sworn to secrecy under penalty of treason. For some time, Ariana had the impression that her mentor, Dr. Tolian Sevren, had ulterior motives for choosing her.

She was an alien; part Romulan and part unknown. Unaware to him, she had managed to access his private communication frequencies and found several references to ATLAS. She also learned that he had been sending samples of her DNA there for years, going all the way back to when they first started working together. She felt used, betrayed; nothing more than a lab experiment for him. She spent nearly five years away from home, traveling to worlds around the Federation, hoping to find some clue as to her lineage. It had only been a few months following her return that she had suspicions about Dr. Sevren and now she knew the truth. She was no security expert, but she knew everything about bio genetics & her time away had changed her. Before, she would have second thoughts about using her knowledge and skills for anything besides to help people. Now, she was willing to do whatever was necessary, even if it meant embracing the darkness inside her.

One night, she had called Dr. Sevren to the office, claiming she had information regarding her genetic lineage. As Dr. Sevren entered his office, the door behind him locked shut and a force field enveloped it. The only light in his office came from the computer monitor on his desk and he had the feeling he was not alone. As he took a step forward, he heard something land in front of him and before he could react, it exploded. The explosion did not injury him; but the green mist from the explosion began to make him sweat profusely. He began coughing and could feel his lungs burning, as if someone had poured fire into them. Finally, his body gave out; collapsing to the floor, thinking that he was going to die. Only, he didn't....

When he started to wake up, he felt cold and was unable to move. Sevren began to panic; yelling, demanding to know where he was. The light from the ceiling above was dim and he could not see far. He heard the sound of footsteps coming from ahead of him, unsure of what to expect. As the footsteps grew closer, the light above him grew brighter and as his captor emerged from the darkness, he felt his heart sink to his stomach. It was Ariana; looking at him with a fire in her eyes he had never seen before. He didn't have the strength to speak; he was in too much shock to even think clearly. Ariana took another step forward, saying: "Hello Dr. Sevren. Before you say anything, I will tell you that I know about your little obsession about me and that you have been using me. So, I am going to make this very simple. Either you answer my questions truthfully or I will inflict a pain on you that you will beg me to kill you. So, lets begin shall we."

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