The Long Cold Night Pt.1

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The Long Cold Night Pt.1

Post by Kyle Reddington on Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:28 pm

Access Classified Service Record......Decryption Failed.
Priority One Security Code Accepted..
Warning..Restricted Access Detected..

She sat there looking at the computer screen, the Starfleet Intelligence insignia rotating with with a Red Alert warning flashing repeatedly. She had very little time to access the encrypted security file, knowing security would be on her in moments. She had a mission to complete, a mission her commanding officer sent her on to help cover his tracks. A drop of sweat began to streak down the side of her face, her heart beating pounding so loud in her ears that she could barely concentrate.

File Download Completion...95%

Lt. Miranda Lawson began swearing under breath; the sound of running footsteps getting closer to her position. With only moments to spare, the file had finished downloading: Quickly jumping up from her seat and hitting her comm badge, feeling the wave of energy from the transport beam as she vanished into thin air. Only a moment later, she re-materialized on the transport pad of her ship and home: The U.S.S. Valkyrie. The crewman manning the transporter control gave her a brief nod as he said.."Welcome back, Lt.." "Its good to be home chief." She replied as she walked out into the corridor and made her way to the captains ready room. As she walked into the dimly light office, she could barely make out her commanding officer sitting on the sofa in the corner. Lt. Kyle Reddington: her commanding officer, her closest friend, and her lover. He was wearing the usual black embroidered uniform typically of intelligence officers, holding a glass cup in his hand that was half full; the scent of Earl Grey tea in the air. She walked over and sat down beside him, pulling the data card from her pocket.."Mission Accomplished." She said with a gentle smile. He think looked at her with those piercing blue eyes; eyes that had seen things no one should ever have to. "Thank you Miranda. I know I asked you to take a great risk getting this information for me." He said as he took the chip from her hand, giving a a light kiss on her lips as he got up and walked to his desk. Great risk it was indeed: She had just infiltrated a Starfleet Intelligence black site, located on one of the inhospitable planets in the quadrant.

"What exactly is it you had me recover?" She asked as she took at seat in front of his desk. He placed the chip into a data slot, inserting his private security code; a stream of ones and zeros going across the holographic screen. He pressed a series of commands, watching the ones and zeros turn into words. "Something Starfleet Intelligence wanted buried and forgotten. Something so bad not even Starfleet Command knows about it." Miranda sat there watching the data being decrypted and then two words caught her eye: Atlas Station. "Kyle, isn't that place you mentioned when we rescued you?" He didn't responded but she recognized the gesture on his face; the one he always got when started to feel uncomfortable. "Yes it is. Something I wish I could forget. A very long nightmare that refuses to go away." Kyle was never one to show emotion around anyone, except her. When among the other officers and crew, he kept his bearing & calm. But deep down, his soul was battered and torn. Only with her, in the privacy of his office or the quarters they shared, did he let his defenses down. Though, he never told her exactly what happened on Atlas Station. "Before we look for Atlas Station, I need to pay a visit to an old friend." He said with cool, calm tone in his voice. "Who?" Miranda asked. Kyle stood up from his desk, staring out the window into space.."My former commanding officer and someone I once trusted. The one who sent me to Atlas in the first place. Admiral Marcus Reddington."

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