Shadows of Lylat Part II: The Cornerian vs Iconian/Aparoid War

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Shadows of Lylat Part II: The Cornerian vs Iconian/Aparoid War

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:24 pm

The time has come... The Aparoids have talked the Iconians with a continued war with the Cornerian Alliance. Our fleets are already losing, and we are already forced to seek a new home. The Federation, as well as the Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire, are doing all they can to assist us, but sadly they've lost too many forces already to be of much aid in the current Iconian war.

The Aparoids (what you humans call Iconians) already took our new home. The Cornerian Fleet has been forced to retreat from a small colony we had in the Beta Quadrant. The Federation is helping us seek a new home, but until we can end this war we are not settling in for a while.

The Queen of the race known as the "Aparoids" has been given an Iconian Dreadnought, I fear T'Ket has something to do with this. The Queen is the reason this war continues, and we are not on the winning side. The Federation has delivered weapons to the Cornerian forces, and United Galaxy Defense Command has been more than helpful in this issue. Many men and women in their fleet are risking their lives to help continue to defend Corneria.

We have a temporary cease fire with the Voth forces who were helping Andross months back, so that's been helpful. We've directed all resources to defend what's left of our people. The Iconians will soon invade us, and we will make our last stand to save our people. The Iconian war has been hard on all of us, and sadly it's a problem we've been dealing with for 400 years.

We are forming the New Cornerian Alliance, once this war is over, when it is over, we will find a new home and hopefully live in peace. However the Iconians and the Aparoid queen are not making it easy... I fear we will lose many souls before this finally comes to a close... Rumor is they already plan to invade Earth, I will not lose my second home. Dr. Beltino, our lead scientist, has already developed a weapon to destroy the queen and her Iconian minions. Peppy has already said he fears we will not make it, but I'd rather die trying and living for another second knowing I failed those people we lost over 400 years ago.

Until then... I hope we can turn the tide of this war. Rumor is the Iconians are coming and will attack the Cornerian Embassy on Earth... It's something I probably can't stop.


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