Shadows of Lylat: The Aparoid and Iconian Engagement

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Shadows of Lylat: The Aparoid and Iconian Engagement

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:09 pm

400 years ago, my people were killed in a ruthless war between the Cornerian Army and the Aparoids, a bug-like race that drove most of our people to extinction. Very few survived. It was during the human year, 2005 I believe.

The image above is a Aparoid walker when they first invaded. I was with my friends, whom you know as Star Fox, at the Katina military outpost when they invaded. The defense force was wiped out before they could escape. Many casualties, some still alive. We escaped with what we could.

Fox, is a friend of mine. He too, like the rest of the team and other survivors, were frozen away till recently hoping to find a new hope. Our newest alliance with the Federation and Romulan Republic, we got together and explained what happened. Fox was a very brave warrior, but even he couldn't stop this terrible threat. He knew, we would not win this. We decided to get the entire Cornerian fleet to Corneria's top space station, the Beltino Orbital Gate. As we grouped up, more bases were lost, including the entire population of Sauria wiped out, and Corneria city mostly destroyed.

The Beltino Orbital gate, owned by Dr. Beltino father of Slippy, was our last resort. It used gateway technology that would allow us to form a final strike against the Aparoids. So Fox came up with a plan to end this war, myself and Peppy took command of the Great Fox in this assault. However it was no easy task, as we prepared our strike, the aparoids came to the gate, and wiped out many of our fighters. This made things complicated...

After the battle at the gate, we invaded their homeworld and fought to our last breath. Needless to say we won the battle, but not without strong casualties. After we destroyed the queen we detected an unknown ship retreating. The picture below is a enhanced version of the image.

I did not know then, but before we could get to it, they jumped away. So we returned home, only to discover our home was gone. 98% of the population, killed by invaders who were "in purple ships" according to a surviving citizen. We were too late... Whoever did this got away with it and left. I did not know till recently, the Aparoids were working for the Iconians.

When we returned there was only a fleet remaining, still fighting, but the aparoids gone, it was each other. Andross was discovered alive from the first Lylat war, and swayed people into believing we caused this extinction, even though we did not. We drove them off but Andross entered a wormhole, leaving his fleet behind to die, and wasn't seen since...

With nothing else to lose, we decided to freeze ourselves till a new race would discover us and help us rebuild. That took 400 years when our ships were found drifting somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. Two groups were found, our Star Fox team, and a small group of survivors, (such as General Pepper and Beltino), and the Voth found Andross which he used against us later...

I have now learned the Iconians were the cause of the destruction of my home. We joined with United Galaxy Defense Command, and we will not rest till the Iconians are defeated and history is not repeated. I promised many people we would win this war 400 years ago, and I am not going to break it...

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