ROB's Recording Season 2 Episode 4 SPECIAL #2 The Search for Slippy

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ROB's Recording Season 2 Episode 4 SPECIAL #2 The Search for Slippy

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:28 am

I will be recording on September 5th, at 9 PM western our second special. Like before I am limited to how many people I can take in this pve queue, this one is Khitomer Vortex.

Because of this, like last time only 4 can come with me, those who did not make it last time have higher priority so everyone has a chance to be in a special.

After another intense battle with the Crystalline Entity, UGDC was able to defeat the secret weapon. But not without cost, Slippy, who knows pilot and engineering intel that could risk UGDC, was lost during the fight and a distress signal was found in the Khitomer System. Problem is, that's Borg terrirory. ROB and UGDC must team up with up to 5 people to find him before he is assimilated and his intel risks the location of the UGDC starbase.

There will be prizes as well, anyone who at least tries to show up will get a chance Smile


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