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Post by ThunderJ16 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:05 am

Hello Fleet Mates.

As I have been telling the officers, my plan was to update our fleet emblem after our uniforms got updated. Previously, our emblem was the head of a golden eagle in a black box with a metal square around it.

To better mesh with our fleet name of the United Galaxy Defense Command, I have created a new emblem which you can see is my forum Avatar. The background is now a metal shield with a phoenix-like bird opening its wings to embrace a spiral galaxy. Symbolically, I think it's our fleet doing its duty to protect the galaxy from threats both internal and external. The shield emphasizes our defense of the galaxy and the bird is in honor of our original design. Finally, the emblem is using our new uniform colors of white, blue, and black.

Feel free to use it as your avatar on the forums here and of course make sure you use it for your fleet uniform, your ship if you want to, and your officers if you want to.

For people who were using the old fleet emblem, keep in mind that since I've changed it, you'll need to re-customize any and all things that had the old fleet emblem on it (Ships, Bridge Officer Uniforms, and your own Uniforms) in order to have the new one placed on your belongings.

Good Hunting!

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Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:04 am

I like it... A lot Very Happy A big keeper Smile

EDIT Also moved to news and announcements so it's shown on front page.

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