Forum Update Version 1.0.2

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Forum Update Version 1.0.2

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:54 pm

~New Forum Rank System
Forum ranks are distributed on contribution and participation to forums (based on per post). The ranks work as follows:

(Please note these required amounts can change anytime)
Forum Newbie 0-9 Posts
Forum Veteran Level 1 (1 Grey Star) 10-19 Posts
Forum Veteran Level 2 (2 Grey Stars) 20-39 Posts
Forum Veteran Level 3 (3 Grey Stars) 40-79 Posts
Forum Veteran Level 4 (4 Grey Stars) 80-149 Posts
Forum Veteran Level 5 (5 Grey Stars) 150-199 Posts
Forum Grand Veteran (1 Gold Star) 200-299 Posts
Forum Master Level 1 (2 Gold Stars) 300-349 Posts
Forum Master Level 2 (3 Gold Stars) 350-399 Posts
Forum Master Level 3 (4 Gold Stars) 400-500 Posts
Forum Master Level 4 (5 Gold Stars) 500-549 Posts
Forum Master Level 5 (6 Gold Stars) 550-599 Posts
Forum Grand Master (7 Gold Stars) 600+ Posts
Website Manager (7 Gold Stars and a Webmaster Title)
Website Admin (7 Gold Stars and a Administrator Title)
Website Moderator (7 Gold Stars and a Moderator Title)

This will not only encourage forum usage and participation, it also allows myself and others to create special titles for possible future events. I have something in the works for the future as well. PLEASE NOTE NO ADMIN OR MOD WILL HESITATE TO BAN USERS WHO SPAM FORUMS FOR FORUM RANKS, THEY MUST BE EARNED HONORABLY!

Other notes:
Fixed a bug where Sticky would not work first time through.
Fixed a bug where some smilies would not work.

Feel free to leave feedback Smile


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