New Fleet Uniform

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New Fleet Uniform

Post by Cryshalsing on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:05 pm

As of last night, there is a new uniform design.  The following are screen shots showing the new uniform and instructions on how to create it.  Officially there are two variants, one with trousers and one with a skirt for female officers.  Trousers are always the correct uniform.

So, first:

The upper is the Next Generation - Film.  Color Boxes (L-R) J4, I16 and G-11
Badge: The Next Generation - Film. Colors A1 and A14
Rank Insignia: Color A1
Belt: Odyssey.  Colors: J4, J4, J3, J4 (Belt is optional)
Pants: Loose - The Next Generation.  Colors J4
Shoes: Odyssey Colors: J4, J4

Next is shown with the Skirt

The Skirt is Sierra I.  Colors J4 and G11

This is worn with Boot Low Heel.  Colors J4 and J4

The Following are Screen captures showing the Tailor UI for Reference:

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