Tournament Delay, Tournament 3 Announcement "The Haze"

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Tournament Delay, Tournament 3 Announcement "The Haze"

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:53 pm

Greetings fleet members!

Due to my work situation back on track my schedule just got crazy, due to this the "Back to Basics" PvP tournament is being delayed. (Once I get my schedule in order I'lll have a specific date, but hoping to keep it in April). I highly apologize for this sudden change, but I also need to start generating money especially since I am going to be of state for a week in late June.

That being said...

I am going to make a Tournament week. This week is, again to be specified soon, will have two tournaments. Whether or not they'll be on the same day or two different dates is unknown. Anyway, I am announcing something I skipped last year... The UGDC Grand Prix 2017! "The Haze"

"The Haze" fleet Grand Prix shuttle race will take place in the rings of the planet near our K-13 Starbase.

Like last time, this one will take multiple laps and will require shuttles. It will be a test of speed, and allow fleet members to compete for the Grand Championship!

Because of the delay though, I am going to try to have a tournament week, think of it as a fleet Olympics. Maybe there will be a fourth... Anywho I hope to have a date soon. I ask for patience as I want for my work schedule to become manageable. I hope it doesn't take too long but I do, again, ask for patience. Thank you for your time and I hope to get this all sorted soon.


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