The story so far... (Star Trek United Galaxy Defense Command)

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The story so far... (Star Trek United Galaxy Defense Command)

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:06 am

Hello all.

Out of this Dimension is being filmed and edited slowly but steadily. In the mean time I wanted to discuss where the story is and where it has gone. While I continue to work on this project, I wanted to make a layout about where the story has gone and what I have been up to.

SEASON 1: A New Adventure
ROB64 is discovered by United Galaxy Defense Command, an old robot with a 64-bit processor floating a drift in an abandon Attack Carrier. After being reactivated by Fleet Admiral Ugler, ROB64 begins his career in starfleet. During this time he slowly regains his memory and learns his is from a very distant star system. However he did not remember for the longest time what system that was. His old logs kept saying "A*6", no one could figure it out. He later discovered he was from the Lylat System, after finding a broken log from himself labeled "Shadows of Lylat". It never was finished or even begun. Many of his friends would soon be found, such as Fox and his team, as well as General Pepper. However after winning some major victories for UGDC, he would learn his old arch nemesis, Andross, was using the Voth to build a secret weapon. In "A Nightmare to Never Forget" he reunites with his old crew and UGDC to discover Andross is back and causing havoc. After finding an old file named "space_armada_1993_CLASSIFIED" he finally regained his memory. He remembers the horrors of Dr. Andross work. Needless to say he wanted to stop it, Fox went in with UGDC and destroyed his super computer's brain, thinking they also killed Andross... This ended season 1, but ROB64 knew something was very wrong in the Dyson Sphere...

SEASON 2: The Aparoid War
During Season 2, ROB64 and UGDC are tough at work taking out various threats across the galaxy. After dealing with a crystalline entity that was capable of talking even! However it only got worse as one of ROB64's crew, Slippy, thought he could take it on alone and tried to attack the entity with a shuttle craft. He failed, and his ship was sent far off course into Borg territory. There ROB64 and UGDC sent a rescue team and also took advantage of taking out a Borg gateway outpost. Slippy was saved but ROB64 noticed a strange situation. Gateway technology was likely of Borg but it seemed interesting the Romulans were involved. He investigated and along with the Alliance, discovered the Iconians. But ROB64 looked at an Iconian ship and started to wonder... Were these the Aparoids who invaded his homeworld over 400 years ago? This race who attacked him were called the Aparoids. He thought they were involved due to the Iconians usage of other races. Right before the invasion, Captain Falcon, a bounty hunter, organized a race with UGDC to determine the best racer in the fleet, winner got a boat load of credits.  Anyway, when the Iconian war began they hit many colonies. The Lylat colony was one of them. General Pepper was trying to rebuild the Cornerian space fleet, but due to the invasion of the Iconians, it was wiped out and many lives lost. This caused ROB64 and his friends to want revenge. They joined the Alliance in the Iconian War but it wasn't without cost. During the final battle, in the episode "Good-Bye Great Fox", ROB64 and Peppy sacrificed themselves to create a diversion so Fox and his squadron could enter the sphere. The Great Fox was lost... Fox discovered in the sphere the Aparoid queen did infact survive from their war 400 years ago, and he worked with UGDC to destroy her dreadnought. Meanwhile the alliance finally ended their war with the Iconians as well... After the battle, Fox and UGDC thought they lost their dear friends ROB64 and Peppy, but turns out the ejected in a peregrine fighter right before the Great Fox exploded. Many were excited, and thus the war was over. The Great Fox-A was constructed, a Odyssey Tactical Cruiser class, it was made for more diplomacy as ROB64 was made the Cornerian Ambassador, and helped lead a new Corneria colony with General Pepper. At the end though, UGDC received an unknown transmission, some stranger was laughing almost maniacally into the transmission. The season ended with it being unknown...

SEASON 3: Through Time Itself
A few months pass to around the rise of the Temporal Cold War. ROB64 and UGDC are slowly fighting different threats across the galaxy. During this time, they fought the rise of a new Crystalline Entity. ROB64 was confused as he finally thought the last one was destroyed. However things only got more confusing as when UGDC and ROB64 were prepping for a fight with the Undine an unknown fighter approached. After scanning, ROB64 discovered his ship was from the year 8010! But conversations got quiet quickly, as this pilot, callsign VIC VIPER, said him and his friends must destroy two Undine planet killer simultaneously. With no choice, ROB64 and his friends acted and helped this unknown pilot destroy the other planet killer while VIC VIPER focused on the other. After they were destroyed, ROB64 was informed to keep continuing what he was doing before. Confused, he went along with it. During this time, the Temporal Cold War raged on as the Terran Empire invaded. UGDC and himself, went to the Badlands to fight off the invasion. They succeeded. It was then ROB64 was contacted by VIC VIPER once again, and asked to meet his Galaxy X Dreadnought, the U.S.S. Gradius at the Vault, in Tal Shiar territory. ROB64 agreed and boarded the Gradius, where they worked with UGDC to stop the Tholian invasion of the vault, who was invading as revenge after the destruction the Crystalline Entity yet again... After the Tholian Invasion was defeated, VIC VIPER got the info from the vault, which he called "The Impregnable Fortress". He was trying to get more temporal information, when he discovered he once again needed to go back in time, this time asking ROB64 to join him. Reason being as he needed to work with the Past and Future selves as the Undine spread this unknown chaos through the timeline. VIC VIPER's computer states if both cores are defeated in the past and present timelines, the unknown weapon will be destroyed. In "A Trip to the Past" ROB64 returns with VIC VIPER to warn the past, and once again repeats their battle with the Undine, the only difference is the Undine forces are stronger as they were prepared for battle this time with their involvement through time. They succeed once again and an unknown entity speaks up. Calling himself "Venom" he states his purpose was complete, and that he will spread across the galaxy and eventually will rise again. Once this is complete, he is destroyed and VIC VIPER immediately returns to his timeline. According to the logs, the Undine were not themselves, but were taken over by a future race called "Bacterians" from the year 8010. ROB64 investigated how a race from such a distant future came to our timeline. It was then he received a message from General Pepper, who discovered someone they thought they destroyed is still alive...

The story now with Out of this Dimension
Out of this Dimension takes place 5 years after season 3. The story will be told in the movie but here is the background as to what is going on. After the battle with the Undine, Fox discovers that the timeline has been changed right under their noses, and that something is wrong. It is then he reviews the logs, Andross completely changed the events of the entire Lylat System and what is known to the Alliance! Fox discusses how Andross created a rift through time that he used to change time by killing Fox's father a different way, using an unknown resource he calls "Andromatter". It was this rift, his father died in the Lylat System, but sacrificed himself so Peppy could escape. Peppy discovered the United Federation of Planets and how ROB64 was there, and told them everything shortly after the battle with the Undine. The timeline completely altered, Peppy did not remember a thing between when they arrived in the Beta Quadrant to now. He warned Andross was preparing an invasion and he was right. Starfleet intelligence confirmed Andross was building a fleet of Terran, Vaadwaur, and Tzenkethi ships. This began the Lylat Wars... Five years later, the Lylat Wars are still on. The war is spread between a more distant space in the Alpha Quadrant between Cardassian and Tzenkethi space. Things seem fine for the most part. The Great Fox-A is being refitted with a new set up after dealing with 5 years of war. ROB64 and UGDC did a ceremony for her relaunch and is preparing for a nice cruise around the Sol system, when ROB64 receives a distress signal from Deep Space 9... Andross' Terran Fleet has invaded DS9!

From there the story will be told in the movie... I am putting much more time into this as since this will be my last video I want it to be perfect or at least as perfect as it can be. I really look forward to the final outcome but it is going to take more time for me.

Star Trek Online United Galaxy Defense Command: Out of this Dimension is set to release Summer 2017.


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