Final UGDC EPisode Recording Details

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Final UGDC EPisode Recording Details

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:18 pm

Star Trek Online UGDC: Out of this Dimension UPDATES AND INFORMATION
Hello all! I did not forget about the final episode of our recording. In fact, I've been putting much thought and work into the grand conclusion. For a quick catch up for those who don't know, as of around July/August 2017 I just won't have the time to make videos anymore. So I am going to finish our series with one grand finale. Recording is starting as of this month, February, and I am now ready to release the structure of what is happening. Read below for complete details on what will be recorded and how you can be a part of this grand finale. This does contain SOME spoilers.
This will be an extended length, all one upload. All sections will be listed as Chapters.
Location: Several
Introduction to episode's main story and what is happening, will just be recording battles from certain missions, no extras required.
CHAPTER I: Great Fox leaves space dock
Location: Sol System
ROB64 and the UGDC will board a Runabout to visit the Great Fox-A, a Odyssey Tactical Cruiser which is just finishing repairs, when at the end a distress signal from Deep Space 9 is received.
CHAPTER II: Assault on Great Fox
Location: Deep Space 9
Mission: Counterpoint
When the group reaches DS9, the Great Fox is stopped by an unknown electronic warfare forces the ship to a halt, the U.S.S. Arwing and all available ships must scramble fast to save DS9.
CHAPTER III: The Battle of the Area 6 Defense Station
Location: Korfez
Mission: The Battle of Korfez
The Great Fox-A was heavily damaged in battle, resorting in making a new, stealth assault cruiser, the Great Fox-B, a Vengeance class. After discovering his return and his massive space fleet, rendezvous with ROB64 to take out Andross' Vaadwaur attack fleet.
CHAPTER IV: Sector Omega Combat Zone
Location: Microquasar Hypermass
Mission: Gravity Kills
An unknown space-time anomaly during the battle of Area 6 puts the crew completely off course where the Tzenkethi have a force waiting for them.
CHAPTER V: The Final Battle
Location: Unknown
After defeating the Tzenkethi, Andross makes another hail and UGDC discovers his whereabouts, where we find out he is not in the same universe anymore...
UGDC and ROB64 finish their duty, and celebrate the end to a destructive conflict. Fleet Admiral Ugler awards ROB64 and other UGDC for their bravery, and preps the Great Fox-B for its final departure.
How can you be a part? Be ready for announcements and me declaring for random recordings. Being a part is not a difficult thing to do. Just show up, and have fun. I do the rest. The only thing that will be majorly difficult is the scripted stuff at the beginning and end but my directions hopefully won't be too complicated lol.
I hope to see many of you there, this will be the grand finale and I damn well wanna make it a good one. Announcement for first recording should be soon.

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