Through Time Itself: A Log from the Future

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Through Time Itself: A Log from the Future

Post by StarFoxMaster64 on Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:45 pm


Greetings, I can't discuss much about myself, but you know me as call sign Vic Viper. We spoke a while back dealing with the undine and unknown fortress you people call "The Vault". I write this in advance as an apology, I may be messing with the timeline again but I must get to the bottom of this. In return though, I should explain a few things. Please keep this information to yourself at all costs.

A race, you call them the undine, we refer to them as the Bacterians. About 4000 years after your time, we experimented to create a new lifeform with Undine technology. They were meant to help the galaxy after a tragic incident, which I can not explain. Either way, during this time an alien we knew as Dr. Venom was helping us create this new lifeform. We worked hard, but it turns out he was doing it for his own personal gain. Years later, he betrayed us, turning the new being which we created against us, sending us into a 2000 year war. Many lives have been lost, and it's been tough on our planet we know as Gradius.

My ship, the Vic Viper, was constructed to help bring an end to this conflict, but as centuries went on we tried to adapt and failed. However, in the year 8000 we finally started bringing an end to the chaos. We were finally regaining the galaxy we once knew, at least for a while. In the year 8010, they returned and in force. But what I wasn't prepared for, was the time weapon. A race known as the Krenim, allowed the Bacterians to time warp. Why, how, it does not matter. What does matter, is in your time the bacterians are coming. They are using the undine to progress their development earlier in time, your weapons would not be strong enough to stop a Bacterian force. Sadly, their about to return.

I've been working with ROB64 and UGDC to make what I call "Project Crucible". A Krenim Science Vessel model built with time stabilization, with it we can assault the Undine fortress and stop the Bacterians from destroying time itself. However to do that I must go back in time again to help your fleet defeat them in a different way, which is why I write this. Your temporal agents should get this letter after I leave.

I am sorry I brought this horrible nightmare to your time, I plan to undo this before it's too late. Before I get ready to leave, I must also warn you I can't help with another situation coming up on your galaxy as I don't know what it is. But I think whomever they are, started all this. Something dark is coming...




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