Captain's Log: USS Fulcrum

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Captain's Log: USS Fulcrum

Post by ThunderJ16 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:42 pm


Captain's Log, USS Fulcrum
Stardate 93413.75

Admiral Jon Bryant reporting. This personal log will be sent to Starfleet Command and the Department of Temporal Investigations for further analysis of the situation as it develops on the USS Fulcrum.

So far, my temporally-displaced crew has been cooperative after I briefed them on the situation, but the peace could unravel at any time given their vastly different backgrounds. I would not be surprised if a fight or some kind of battle breaks out due to conflicting personalities or even from something as simple as miscommunication.

Regardless, after a thorough evaluation of the crew, I have determined several candidates to be the best qualified for officer positions.

For my second in command, Melissa Bailey is my choice. She is uniquely qualified with both space and ground combat skills, displays strong leadership, and knows how to get things done on a serious but playful at times personality. Her own background is interesting, as she's not really a human or even a person...per say. She's told me that she's an artificial construct created by The Author, the presumably Q-like being who started this whole thing in the first place. This is despite the fact that she registers as fully human and has no anomalous readings to suggest she is otherwise. I will have our ship's doctor continue to monitor her on routine medical examinations for any irregularities.

Speaking of him, my choice for chief medical officer would be Lord William Blakeney. Yes, you heard that right. I'm not sure where he comes from exactly, but if I were to guess, he's from Victorian England. He said that he was previously on an English Royal Navy vessel in the middle of the Atlantic searching for a French privateer, before finding himself stranded on this ship, several years older, a trained medical doctor and botanist, and with no memory of what happened in between. An odd set of circumstances to say the least.

My lead tactical officer of choice would be former captain Gin Ichimaru. He has not gained that rank through Starfleet, but rather as the leader of a squad of...Soul Reapers? At least that's what he calls them. They were apparently swordsmen and swordswomen tasked with hunting down monsters called Hollows. Neither Soul Reapers or Hollows are recognized by our databanks. He is seriously cunning: with a gaze like his, I sometimes have to wonder if I can actually trust him, but so far he has not demonstrated any ill intent. He's a genius in the realm of tactical combat and I can't fathom a more appropriate use for him onboard other than as a tactical officer.

My choice for ship's chief engineer would be one Madoka Kaname. She is a very strange case, as she even says herself that she's not supposed to be an engineer, and yet she has the skills to fix the ship better than anyone else onboard. Apparently, like Gin, she's not even supposed to be alive, and appeared to have died on Earth sometime in the distant past, and doesn't know why she is still alive nor why she appears to be several years older than at the time of her death. She does know who's behind her apparent genius though. Some kind of devil goddess? Madoka herself used to be a goddess before being unseated by this other person. Someone who used to be a friend, but apparently no longer because of her 'rebellion'. I'm not sure I can entirely believe her story, but I'm willing to give it credence given the already bizarre happenings regarding this ship and crew.

For chief science officer, I've run across a fellow named Zathrus. No last name. No other alias. And as a species he is completely unknown to the Federation. He claims that he's searching for The One, and when he ran into me, he said it was me. He also told me that, in this universe, I am The One, but from his original universe, The One he was searching for was one Captain Jeffery Sinclair. I doubt anyone in Starfleet goes by this name, but it still may be worth investigating our Memory Alpha files, just in case. He says he was but a humble servant of The Great Machine, a massive structure buried miles below the surface of a planet called Epsilon III. I have checked our star charts and there is no known planet with that designation, which again isn't surprising to me given that he appears to be from another place of reality.

For chief of ship operations, I recommend an enigmatic being known only to us as The Grey. He is...very similar to the old Earth aliens from the 20th century in appearance. Eerily similar, like someone created him to match the exact details of those so-called "Roswell" aliens that supposedly visited during that time. He claims that his official race name is the Vree, but once again, like with Zathrus, we have not come across his race. He is amused by the fact that for a time, some humans were contemplating a vast conspiracy theory regarding his kind. And judging by his personality, I can assume that he is somewhat of a prankster. Despite this extensive yet enigmatic background, I would still recommend him for the position based on the fact that he is incredibly thorough and organized.

And finally, for navigation, I have to go with Chris Birker. He's...just an ordinary human, though...I swear I know him from's...odd. An old life of mine perhaps? I can't say I believe in things like reincarnation but...again on this ship, with this crew, I never know and have even began to doubt my own existence in this universe. And yet, his piloting skills are second to none aboard. He'd have made Captain Sulu proud with his skills.

I have received the expected new set of orders from Starfleet, and despite the changes that have been going on, my primary mission is still the same. I will continue co-leading the United Galaxy Defense Command fleet with Fleet Admiral Ugler and Fleet Admiral Selena. The USS LostStorm and the rest of the task force I commanded previously will still answer to me, but I will not be retaining them directly as I did before. Given my present status as being permanently trapped on the USS Fulcrum and only being able to leave the ship for short periods of time, I have no reason to object to my orders.

For now, my ship-wide priority remains keeping an eye on this bizarre yet amazing collection of crew from many times, places, and universes.

Computer, end Captain's Log.

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