How To Get Promoted In UGDC 101

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How To Get Promoted In UGDC 101

Post by ThunderJ16 on Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:24 pm

Greetings all UGDC members!

On this page, I've put together information on how you can be promoted to the higher ranks in the fleet. As we allow fleet purchases once we get to a certain rank, I want to make it clear exactly what it takes to get promoted.

We have three main ways for fleet members to advance in rank.

1) Participation in Fleet Events - By participating in fleet events. To see the list of current fleet events, press CTRL+G to open the fleet window, then click on the Events tab to see. Not all events are for all levels, and the event description should say what level is needed to participate.

2) Activity in Fleet - By chatting in the fleet chat in a productive manner, you'll show us you're committed to helping the fleet get better. You don't even have to be knowledgeable about the game, though helping out a fellow player get better or learn would be awesome. Just showing that you're interested in helping out with fleet issues, asking questions about the game, or conversing with others in the fleet to make us better would do wonders to show your enthusiasm.

3) Contributions to the Fleet Holdings - The most tangible way of showing your commitment to the fleet would be to contribute to our Fleet Holding projects. You can find these under the Holdings tab in the fleet window. Feel free to donate to any of the projects we have available at the time. Do NOT feel pressure to complete a project yourself. These Holding projects are designed for multiple players to contribute to.

The fastest way to advance would be to do all three. And you must show that you're doing it consistently, not doing it once or twice. The officers in the fleet will determine for themselves if you're worth promoting. If you are consistent with your support, we will promote you quickly.

Our unlimited purchasing rank is Commander. Once you make that rank, you have free access to purchase fleet store items. Officers, which include the Captain, Vice Admiral, and Fleet Admiral ranks, also have unlimited Fleet Store access. For the lower ranks, you may only request Fleet Ship purchases based on your fleet contribution amount and it must be authorized by an officer.

In order to become an officer, you must show that you've done the above three things consistently, shown to be trustworthy, and willing to be part of a team. You don't even have to be good at the game to be an officer. We promote based on dedication, not skill or knowledge.

Here's a few things NOT to do in any circumstance while in the fleet, promotion-seeking or otherwise. Not adhering to these rules can warrant a kick from the fleet:
1) Constantly swear and use profane language for no reason at all except to demonstrate your lack of comprehension for the English language. We allow swearing but it shouldn't be used excessively.
2) Troll. Enough said. Trolling is not tolerated under any circumstance.
3) Show no respect to anyone; Fleet and Non-Fleet members alike. While a member of this fleet, you represent the fleet to both fellow fleet mates and non-fleet players. If you show no one respect, then we have no reason to show respect to you.

Our officers are relatively relaxed and helpful people, so if you have any questions about what I've posted here, feel free to speak with any of them about anything.

Good luck and have fun out there, UGDC members!

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